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Soul mates from birth, Karim and Raheen finish one another's sentences, speak in anagrams and lie spine to spine. They are irrevocably bound to one another and to Karachi, Pakistan, a city that is violent, polluted, corrupt, vibrant, brave and, ultimately, home.

As the years go by, they let a barrier of silence build between them until they are brought together during a summer of strikes and ethnic violence in Karachi when Raheen first comes to know a secret about the past of their parents. Something had happened in 1971, the year the war broke out with the Bengalis in then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Karim's mother is a Bengali, an unpleasant truth to live with, in the Karachi of 1971, which leads to unpredictable happenings in their parents' lives as well as theirs.

  • Published by
    Daily Star Books
  • Published
    September 2013
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    7.3″× 4.8″
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    Bangladesh only
  • Category
    Non-fiction/ politics
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    Tk 500
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    Tk 400