List of Books of Sharier Khan

STAR TOONS – a cartoon guide to Bangladesh

Star Toons: A cartoon guide to Bangladesh is a compilation of cartoons by Sharier Khan, printed in The Daily Star between 1992 and 2005. Shariar Khan is a noted journalist and has been with The Daily Star ever since he graduated in Journalism from Dhaka University in 1991. Regarded as an expert on the power and energy sector, he's also a pioneering figure in bringing cartoons to the fore as a medium of sharp criticism of contemporary social and political scenes. As the title suggests, this book takes readers on a tour of the country's politics and political leaders and various institutional irregularities causing immense suffering to common people. But what makes him a successful cartoonist is his unique way of combining his harsh criticism with wit and humour. Not only for those interested particularly in cartoons, it is a must read also for those with an interest in political and social issues.
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